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Last update:2023-03-13 20:45:13 Moscow time
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  Onthophagus marmotae Afganistan PARATYPE 30      
  Onthophagus sacharovskii Armenia 9      
  Onthophagus suturellus Armenia 5      
Photo Onthophagus cervicapra Borneo Isl.   18    
  Onthophagus luctuosus Borneo Isl.   18    
Photo Onthophagus sundanensis Borneo Isl. female 9      
Photo Onthophagus wallacei Borneo Isl. sold out        
  Caccobius gilleti Cambodia 9      
  Onthophagus baykanus Cambodia 12      
Photo Onthophagus punneeae Cambodia 6      
Photo Onthophagus remotus Cambodia sold out        
Photo Onthophagus manipurensis Cambodia sold out        
Photo Onthophagus tricornis Cambodia 8      
  Onthophagus sagittarius Cambodia   8    
  Onitis damoetus Caucases 4      
  Aphodius apicalis China, N.Sichuan 7      
  Aphodius takin China, N.Sichuan 5      
Photo Aphodius transmontanus China, N.Sichuan sold out        
  Aphodius vseteckai China, N.Sichuan 5      
  Caccobius sordidus China, N.Sichuan 3      
Photo Copris acutidens China, N.Sichuan sold out        
Photo Copris angusticornis China, N.Sichuan sold out        
  Onthophagus heterorrhinus China, N.Sichuan 12      
Photo Onthophagus potanini China, N.Sichuan   12    
  Onthophagus punctator China, N.Sichuan 5      
  Aphodius histrio China, N.Sichuan 5      
  Caccobius gonoderus China, N.Sichuan 5      
Photo Liatongus denticornis China, N.W. Yunnan   14    
Photo Liatongus gagatinus China, N.W. Yunnan   9    
Photo Liatongus incurvicornis China, N.W. Yunnan   9    
  Liatongus phanaeoides China, N.W. Yunnan   9    
Photo Onthophagus carinensis China, N.W. Yunnan 7      
  Phaeochrous emarginatus davidis China, N.W. Yunnan 5      
  Paragymnopleurus melanarius China, N.W.Jiangxi 5      
Photo Liatongus vertagus China, N.W.Yunnan,Sichuan 6 9    
  Aphodius humerospinosus China, N.Yunnan 6      
  Aphodius obenbergeri China, N.Yunnan 7      
  Aphodius holdereir China, Qinghai 6      
  Aphodius przewalskyi China, Qinghai 8      
  Caccobius christophi China, Russia 3      
  Aphodius elegans China, S. Gansu 5      
  Aphodius globulus China, S. Gansu 5      
  Aphodius plutenkoi China, S. Gansu 7      
  Aphodius propraetor China, S. Gansu 5      
Photo Caccobius boucomonti China, S. Gansu 5 8    
Photo Liatongus apposticornis China, S. Gansu   35    
Photo Copris cheni China, S. Sichuan sold out        
Photo Copris inaequabilis China, S. Sichuan sold out        
  Aphodius dzongensis China, S.E.Tibet 5      
  Aphodius mortuorum China, S.E.Tibet 5      
  Aphodius semenovi ? China, S.E.Tibet 5      
  Aphodius semiopacus China, S.E.Tibet 5      
  Onthophagus jeannelianus shokhini China, S.Sichuan SYNTYP 30 45    
  Onthophagus jeannelianus shokhini China, S.Sichuan 15 22    
  Parachorius fungorum China, S.Sichuan 12      
Photo Aphodius delavayi China, S.Sichuan sold out        
  Aphodius khandui China, S.Sichuan 7      
  Aphodius comatus China, S.W.Yunnan 5      
Photo Liatongus tridentatus China, S.W.Yunnan 15      
Photo Onthophagus japonicus China, Shaanxi sold out        
  Caccobius flavolimbatus China, Sichuan 6      
  Copris (Microcopris) propinquus China, Sichuan 12      
Photo Liatongus bucerus China, Sichuan   9    
  Liatongus davidi China, Sichuan 9      
  Liatongus endrodii China, Sichuan   12    
Photo Liatongus medius China, Sichuan   12    
Photo Onthophagus amicoides China, Sichuan sold out        
Photo Onthophagus bivertex China, Sichuan 5      
Photo Onthophagus cernyi China, Sichuan   8    
  Onthophagus fodiens China, Sichuan 5      
Photo Onthophagus gibbulus ssp. China, Sichuan sold out        
  Onthophagus gorodinskii sp.n. China, Sichuan PARATYPE 30 45    
  Onthophagus gorodinskii China, Sichuan 12      
Photo Onthophagus kleinei China, Sichuan 8      
  Onthophagus rugulosus China, Sichuan 6      
Photo Onthophagus sycophantha China, Sichuan 5 8    
Photo Onthophagus viduus China, Sichuan sold out        
Photo Onthophagus zavreli China, Sichuan sold out        
Photo Sinodrepanus besucheti China, Sichuan 15      
  Onthophagus marginalis przewalskii China, Sichuan 8      
  Aphodius instigator China, Sichuan 7      
  Aphodius erraticus China, Tibet 5      
  Aphodius laotianus China, W.Yunnan 5      
  Aphodius reichei China, W.Yunnan 5      
  Aphodius proclivis China, Yunnan 5      
  Onitis falcatus China, Yunnan 6      
  Aphodius pseudostorkani China,Gansu 8      
  Drepanocerus integriceps China,N.Sichuan 25      
  Caccobius demangei China,N.W. Yunnan 5      
  Onthophagus inelegans China,N.W.Yunnan 5      
Photo Onthophagus laevis asiaticus China,N.W.Yunnan 5      
Photo Liatongus triacanthus China,S.E.Tibet sold out        
Photo Paragymnopleurus sinuatus szechouanicus China,S.Sichuan 8      
Photo Sinodrepanus rex China,S.Sichuan 35 45    
Photo Onthophagus vaulogeri China,S.W.Yunnan sold out        
  Aphodius immarginatus China,Sichuan 6      
Photo Onthophagus atripennis China,Sichuan 6      
  Caccobius jessoensis China,Sichuan 6      
Photo Onthophagus gagates China,Sichuan 8 12    
  Aphodius viturati China,Sichuan 7      
  Aphodius analis China,Sichuan 6      
  Aphodius surdus China,Sichuan 6      
  Aphodius fasciger China,Yunnan 6      
  Aphodius piceus China,Yunnan 7      
  Aphodius jedlickai China,Yunnan 7      
  Aphodius imitabilis China,Yunnan 7      
  Aphodius balangensis China,Yunnan 7      
  Aphodius nigrovirgatus China,Yunnan 7      
  Aphodius truculentus China,Yunnan 7      
Photo Onthophagus bonasus India 5      
Photo Onthophagus dama India 5      
  Onthophagus pusillus India 9      
Photo Onthophagus igneus India sold out        
  Aphodius klickai India,Kashmir; China, S.E.Tibet 5      
  Aphodius elongatulus Kashmir 6      
  Aphodius fimetarius Kashmir 7      
  Aphodius irregularis Kashmir 5      
  Aphodius ritsemai Kashmir 4      
  Caccobius denticollis Kashmir 5      
  Caccobius himalayanus Kashmir 8      
Photo Gymnopleurus parvus Kashmir 18      
Photo Gymnopleurus bombayensis Kashmir 18      
  Liatongus mergacerus Kashmir   15    
Photo Oniticellus cinctus Kashmir 5      
  Onthophagus circulifer Kashmir 6      
  Onthophagus concolor Kashmir 5      
  Onthophagus gibbosus schnabeli Kashmir 6      
  Onthophagus hindu Kashmir 7      
  Onthophagus kuluensis Kashmir 6      
  Onthophagus marginalis nigrimargo Kashmir 8      
Photo Onthophagus ramosus Kashmir   18    
  Onthophagus sutleinensis Kashmir 5      
Photo Onthophagus tarandus Kashmir sold out        
  Onthophagus truncaticornis Kashmir 6      
  Phaeochrous gracilis Kashmir 5      
  Sisyphus indicus Kashmir 5      
  Tiniocellus modestus Kashmir 5      
  Tiniocellus spinipes Kashmir 6      
  Onthophagus ramosellus Kashmir & Nepal 5      
  Onthophagus dubernardi Kashmir & S.E. Tibet 12      
  Aphodius eberti Kashmir; China, S.E.Tibet 5      
  Onthophagus expansicornis Kashmir&China 15 22    
Photo Cheironitis eumenes Kazahstan   18    
  Onthophagus sulcicollis Kazahstan, Afganistan 5      
Photo Onthophagus mouhoti N.India sold out        
Photo Proagoderus pactolus N.India, W. Bengal sold out        
  Onthophagus suillus N.India, W. Bengal 12      
  Onthophagus abreui N.India, W. Bengal 15      
  Onthophagus beesoni N.India, W. Bengal 15      
  Onthophagus bifasciatus N.India, W. Bengal   15    
  Aphodius marginellus N.India,Kashmir sold out        
  Aphodius urostigma N.India,Kashmir 7      
  Onthophagus mopsus N.India,Nepal 5      
  Onitis subopacus N.Vietnam 4      
  Onthophagus crassicollis N.Vietnam 5      
  Onthophagus luridipennis N.Vietnam 5      
  Onthophagus proletarius N.Vietnam 5      
Photo Onthophagus seniculus N.Vietnam 5      
Photo Onthophagus sobrius N.Vietnam 7      
  Onthophagus taurinus N.Vietnam 6      
  Onthophagus trituber N.Vietnam 5      
  Onthophagus purpurascens N.Vietnam & Cambodia 5      
  Caccobius simplex N.Vietnam & Nepal 5      
  Onthophagus pacificus peguanus N.Vietnam & Nepal 5      
  Gymnopleurus cyaneus Nepal 12      
  Onthophagus cupreiceps Nepal 6      
  Paragymnopleurus sinuatus assamensis Nepal 5      
  Onthophagus kuluensis Nepal 6      
Photo Onthophagus nasalis Nepal sold out        
Photo Onthophagus productus Nepal 9      
Photo Proagoderus amplexus Nepal sold out        
  Onthophagus socialis Nepal 9      
  Aphodius inscitus Nepal 5      
  Aphodius crenatus Nepal 7      
  Caccobius scheuerni Nepal 8      
  Caccobius tortus Nepal 6      
Photo Onthophagus uniformis Russia, Far East 5      
  Sisyphus morio Russia, Manchzhuria 3      
  Onthophagus ensifer S. India 5      
  Caccobius indicus S.India 9      
Photo Caccobius vulcanus S.India 8      
Photo Chiron cylindrus S.India 15      
Photo Drepanocerus setosus S.India   18    
  Onthophagus cervus S.India 6      
Photo Onthophagus fuscopunctatus S.India sold out        
  Onthophagus gazella S.India 5      
  Onthophagus quadridentatus S.India   9    
  Onthophagus turbatus S.India 5      
  Onthophagus unifasciatus S.India 6      
  Aphodius moestus S.India 8      
  Aphodius hindustanicus S.India, W.Ghats Mts 6      
  Aphodius pallidicornis S.India, W.Ghats Mts 6      
  Caccobius inermis S.India, W.Ghats Mts 9      
  Caccobius meridionalis S.India, W.Ghats Mts 8      
Photo Onthophagus duporti S.India, W.Ghats Mts sold out        
  Onthophagus fasciatus S.India, W.Ghats Mts 9      
  Onthophagus favrei S.India, W.Ghats Mts 9      
Photo Onthophagus griseosetosus S.India, W.Ghats Mts sold out        
Photo Onthophagus rectecornutus S.India, W.Ghats Mts sold out        
Photo Proagoderus extensus Tanzania sold out        
Photo Proagoderus gibbiramus Tanzania sold out        
Photo Onthophagus mulleri Thailand 8      
  Onthophagus rutilans Thailand     4  
  Sisyphus thoracicus Thailand     4  
Photo Tiniocellus sarawacus Thailand sold out        
  Onthophagus dapcauensis Vietnam 5      
  Onthophagus tibetanus W. Himalaya, Kashmir 6      
  Onthophagus lapillus W. Himalayas 8      
  Onthophagus octogonus W. Himalayas 8      
  Onthophagus orientaliis W.China & Cambodia & Nepal 5      
  Aphodius gagatinus West Asia 5      
  Onthophagus aleppensis West Asia 8      
  Onthophagus ruficapillus West Asia 5      
  Onthophagus viridis West Asia 8 12    
The Mix-3 from the determined Onthophagini(no more than 6 ex. per species) 100 ex. from China, Persia,India,Cambodia,Nepal,Kashmir and the former USSR
195 Euro
The Mix-4 from the undetermined Onthophagini(no more than 6 ex. per species)100 ex. from China, Persia,India,Cambodia,Nepal,Kashmir and the former USSR
150 Euro
The Mix from the determined Scarabaeidae(no more than 8 ex. per species) 300 ex. from China,India & the former USSR - 190 Euro
190 Euro
The Mix-1 from the undetermined Onthophagini100 exs (30 species)from China
150 Euro
The Mix-2 from the determined Onthophagini100 exs (30 species)from China
195 Euro