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Photo Nicrophorus sp. China, Sichuan sold out        
Photo Nicrophorus semenowi China,Sichuan sold out        
  Necrodes littoralis China, Sichuan 5      
Photo Diamesus osculans N.W.India sold out        
Photo Eusilpha jakowlewi China, S. Gansu 12      
Photo Nicrophorus concolor rotundicollis N.W.India sold out        
Photo Nicrophorus dauricus Russia, Far East 5      
Photo Nicrophorus nepalensis W.China:Sichuan&Gansu 5      
Photo Nicrophorus schawalleri China, Gansu 15   9  
Photo Nicrophorus oberthuri China:Shaanxi&Yunnan 15   10  
Photo Nicrophorus quadraticollis Russia, Far East sold out        
Photo Nicrophorus przewalskii China, Qinghai 15      
Photo Nicrophorus smefarka China,Shaanxi,S.Gansu,N.Yunnan 30 55 18  
Photo Oiceoptoma hypocrita W.Himalaya, Kashmir 10      
  Oiceoptoma hypocrita China, N. Sichuan 10      
Photo Ptomascopus plagiatus China, N. Sichuan 10      
Photo Ptomascopus morio China,Sichuan 10      
Photo Silpha businskyorum China, Shaanxi 20   12  
Photo Silpha qinlinga China,Shaanxi 20   12  
Photo Thanatophilus dentigerus W.Himalaya, Kashmir 10      
Photo Thanatophilus roborowskyi China, Qinghai 10      
Photo Ptomascopus zhangla China, Shaanxi 35      
Photo Nicrophorus tibetanus N.E.Tibet 18   10  
  Nicrophorus nepalensis W.Himalaya, Kashmir 5      
  Nicrophorus nepalensis China,Yunnan 5      
  Nicrophorus nepalensis E.China, Jiangxi 5      
Photo Oiceoptoma picescens China, Sichuan 10      
Photo Calosilpha brunnicollis brunnicollis China,Sichuan 5      
Photo Nicrophorus sinensis China,Sichuan 25      
  (Agirtidae) Lyrosoma ituropense Russia,Far East,Iturup isl. 20      
Photo Silpha schawalleri China, Sichuan 25   12  
Photo Thanatophilus pilosus China, Sichuan 15      
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